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"She transforms her own dark into her own light, she sees her private shadows- and loves them. 

She sees her emotional depths - and owns it. She faces her private fears of separation - and rises above the illusion . She is the source of her self and she is always in a state of greater becoming".

No truer words have ever resonated within my soul. These words tug at my heart as I understand the challenges of family, relationships, and work life expectations placed by others and ourselves. Working on achieving more balance within yourself, helps to create a more balanced environment.  


Challenges present themselves in our lives to keep us motivated and moving through life and in order to seek and find our truest selves. I understand all too well, how not dealing and releasing these pressures can slowly add up and over time cause havoc in your life, mind, body, soul as well as your relationship with yourself and others. 


I stand with you on this healing and evolving journey we call life. Going through my own healing journey helped me come to the realization many others out there are also suffering when they don't need to feel alone or lost. I took my courses initially to help facilitate self healing. Through this process, it became clear why the pieces of my life had unfolded the way they did. I hadn't been able to break some of my self-destructive patterns. Years of unknowingly picking up on others' energies and emotions left me feeling drained and unwell. Through my learning, it became apparent that I needed to help others along their healing journey. We all have had the moments when we say "If I could tell my younger self..."Well we can't go back but we can move forward. So many of us either avoid the dark moments or remain in them. The lessons life is trying to teach us all is in order to live a full life we have to acknowledge and experience all the moments of our life.


I would like to help you do just that. Move forward past the emotions that create physical dis-ease within our bodies. To bring stress relief into your life, helping you to find your own strength again and connect to your own healing within. 

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