reiki session

Investment: $ 90 + gst

Combo Session

Investment: $ 150 

Distance Energy

Investment: $ 90 

Animal Energy

Investment: $ 60  

(Travel May apply)

Personalized Reiki treatments begin with a consultation, allowing us time to connect, and explore what you'd like to achieve during the session. 

It also consists of intention setting, messages of clarity,  therapeutic energy healing ("hands on" and/or "hands off"), and the sharing of intuitive channelings. 

During the Reiki treatment, which is a full body experience, you may feel warmth, coolness, traveling of energy throughout the body, or simply feel total relaxation. I find that some people who are more visual, may experience colors or visuals. Others may take a nap. Conscious or not, the universal energy is working optimally.


I usually begin at the top of the head and end at the feet, making my way through each Chakra center; taking extra time in areas that become "vocal" and need special attention. 

Use of other healing modalities may be used; such as crystals, sound instruments, smudging, etc.

Reiki Energy & Crystal Intention Grid

Following a energy session, I design a personalized wooden grid to assist in your continued healing / releasing process.


Crystals are then chosen based on the intuitive channelings and through conversation on what your wishing to work through. Each crystal is infused with Reiki energy and programmed with individual intentions.

The entire crystal grid is then activated / charged so that it may connect with you; bringing in the vibration of your healing and intention manifestation. 


The power of a crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between the healing stones, sacred geometry and your intention(s); reminding you to keep them in your thoughts. 

At times I will be intuitively guided to use crystals as well during the session, when permission is given by the client.Crystals work by rebalancing the body’s energy flow: it removes blockages within the body which may have been built up for years resulting in physical pain, stress, emotional worries and inability to move forward. A Reiki/ Crystal session will leave you feeling re-energized, re-vitalized, and re-motivated. The vibrational energy a crystal gives is very unique as it can not be altered and effected by negative energy. One's  energetic body's vibration raises to meet the crystals vibration

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